A two wheeled
adventure like no other.

Fat Bike Tours

Scenic Desert Tour

± 2hrs
Min 2 People
This is a unique ‘must do’ Swakopmund experience. You get to experience the breathtaking scenery of the oldest desert in the world in a fully ecological way without noise or air pollution and even riding up along the top of Namibia’s famous dunes from which you will enjoy once in a lifetime views of desert, sea and Swakopmund. This tour is for both the scenic appreciator and adrenalin seeking adventurist.
The scenic desert tour is around 12 - 14km long and includes cycling in town, through the dry river bed and up and down stunning dunes. Although everyone appreciates the amazing scenery, a relative level of fitness and cycling experience is required to fully enjoy this tour. For the unfit and unexperienced rider we recommend one of our other equally special tours.

Old City Swakopmund Tour

± 2hrs
Min of 3 people
On this Historic Swakopmund Tour we ride down memory lane, passing some of Swakopmund's historic buildings and landmarks to give the visitor a feel of how our charming town started and why Swakopmund is still one of Namibia's most popular places to visit. Offered in German or English.

Low-Tide Beach Cruise

± 2hrs
Min of 2 people
The fat bike's ballon-like tyres allow for almost effortless floating over pebbles and sand making it ideal for casually cruising below the high-tide mark on the beach at low-tide - bound to make anyone smile! Only offered during low tide. Contact us for the next tour date and time.

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